Exhaust suggestions for a YZ450?

Looking to upgrade the exhaust/silencer on my yz450. The stock 04 doesn't seem to have a removable end cap for a spark arrester addition, and since I plan on doing quite a bit of trail riding and out at the dunes, it's somewhat important. Anyway, I am taking suggestions for a silencer that is arrester compatible, sounds decent and doesn't empty the wallet. Thanks for the help.


Pro motobillet end cap. I have one installed on my bike. I went this way since I race enduro's every now and then. Have not had any problems with it. I even got the silencer insert.


Check your private messages, I left you a note. :cry:

I have a fmf factory 4 SL with a gyt-r header, works good for me and cost a little less then the full factory 4 system.

The Jardine Rt-four Is Great System! It Sounds Good And Pulls Like Crazy And Looks Good.

High CompressionPICT0054.jpgPICT0053.jpg


White Brother E2 it is USFD and is 96db legal. You can remove the core for race and I tell you the differance in power is only noise

Loud dont = power

Thunder Alley with the sparky and ask him to send the race core also :)

Go with dr. D step system. When you buy it make sure you buy the complete system.

I put it on my '05 and it made a big difference. It also has a spark arrestor that you can remove. I didn't have to re jet or anything. dubach knows what makes yz's happy.

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