2005 Wr450 Mods List

Stock, you are way lean.

My '05 WR250F came with a 168 main, I'm running a 180 and went one step richer on the needle number. I did go to a YZ pipe and opened the side of the airbox, but that shouldn't have been good for more than a 175 if it wasn't jetted so lean from the factory.

About the throttle stop on the Canadian models they do have the US spec stop. Thanks for all the mods. Yes I do have a Canadian model.

How are everyones mods holding up on your 05's? Getting a new (2005) WR250F tomorrow and want to know the real life long term value of those mod's. Any noticeable problems with any of the mod's?


The 250 mods are similar, and really needed on both bikes... the 450 seemed to need them more (I had the 250 and now have a 450)

The mods create no problems, unless you expect a dealer to honor a warranty on the bike... you can "undo" some of the mods if that is the case

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