What's my 1998 WR400 worth?

Any estimates will help me. I'm thinking of selling my bike and I have no idea what it's worth.

1998 WR 400

~2000 miles

Acerbis Pro hand guards

IMS YZ tank, YZ seat

Light kit from Baja Designs

Bars are bent and frame paint is warn, but it runs great.

The one thing that might make it worth more to someone in Massachuestts is that it is street registered and titled, which is rather difficult to do there.

Thanks in advance.


Check www.kbb.com for an approximate value.

Retail from Kelly: 4490

Wholesale from Kelly: 3090

I like the retail number better!

I sold my dads street legal 98 for $3700.00 last week with similar accesories on it. I believe that a plate will increase the value.

It's in better shape than my 01 426, but then again every WR I have seen, with the exception if NPUZA, is in better shape than mine.

I'll give you $12 cash for it.

Mark - I think $12 is low, I'll give you $100 in small unmarked bills.


better make it nickles and dimes, as i can see the print quality is that of a bubble jet.

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