Favorite bars and dampener for 450?

I'm considering upgrading the stock set up ('05) and wondering if it's worth it :cry: What's your set up, or if you were going to spend the $, what would you do? Are the Rental (or Moose, etc) replacement bars and a Scotts (or ?) dampener system be a big improvement for this bike?

I left the stock Renthals(I like them) and put a GPR Dampner on my '05 WR450.

Rode in the desert last week and the dampner is SWEET! Especially in sandy washes. :cry: The GPR fits the stock bars(a little tweaking of the cross bar). It cost me appox 350.00 for the dampner. Well worth it. I think if you go to Pro Tapers you'll have to change the triple clamp to fit a dampner. :cry:

Pro Tapers, Scotts, BRP triple clamp & rubber mounted bar mount posts! :cry:

Pro Tapers, Scotts upper clamp and stabilizer, Trail Tech Dashboard w/short risers...ain't nothing better than Scotts. This is the 2nd bike I've had it on. The 1st was my 90 YZ250WRA.

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