Anyone add shims to their forks?

A good buddy who knows suspension tuning far better than me recommends using 1" PVC shims in the top of his tubes for better fork resistance. has anyone tried this? Im thinking about giving this a shot.....before I go out and buy new springs.


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They sell washers to put in on top of the springs. If I remember correctly your not suppose to exceed three. I dont know the thickness, but I would think its alot less than an inch.


This past April I tried to put PVC on top of my springs for a little preload before going to the sand dunes. It turned out to be quite the joke. I cut the pvc about 1/2" and buy the time I got home and inspected the forks the pvc was smashed almost completely flat and was mangled badly. If your goning to take the time to try this method I definatly suggest the washers but the best method (And the method I went with) was heavier springs.

I went from .42 kg/mm to .48 kg/mm and it makes a heck of a difference. You should also re-spring the shock too if you do this.

I know its money, but trust me its worth it, the pvc isnt.


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I should mention that preload washers MUST go under the springs, not on top.

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