XR650R What diameter header pipe?

I know this is a silly question....but what size (diameter) is the header pipe where it enters the muffler on a XR650R? I don't have a 650 so i can't measure it.

Why do I ask? I have the opportunity to buy a White bros E series muffler (brand new) for almost nothing, but want to fit it to my '87 XR600. Moving muffler mounts/cutting connecting pipe is no big deal, and it would be a bit simplier if the header pipe was the same as my XR600.


Can't help with specifics but I'm pretty sure they're different sizes. THe 85-87 600 will match my 85 XR350 and I'm almost positive that is thinner than than even the 96 600 I had. THe 650 has a bunch more power, so it's likely it's even larger still.

There is an E series on ebay but the guy wants within $70 of a new one. Idiot.

What's the attraction, didn't these get panned pretty good?

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