Harescramble question

Yeah, well just for that I'm going to roost your ass tomorrow on my 125!!! (At least until I run out of gas).

Tomorrow being friday, you will not be roosting anyone. Nice to see you got the day off. Try not to hurt youeself on that thing. Are you riding that on the road at 7am???

Mike, my hare scramble experience has shown me it doesn't matter what class you ride in, you will eventually close on someone who is the B/C class idiot, or a fast idiot will pass you....you are never safe.

I am a B classer, so far, and about 5 laps into our one race, I came up QUICK on a much slower rider. I went to pass him on his right, on a short straight that leads to a small (3-4 foot high) single kicker-jump. Well, he never even looked over his shoulder, and came the WHOLE WAY from the LEFT side of the track, to the RIGHT side of the track, so as to be able to go around the jump (it clears for like two feet on the right side.) I yelled as loud as I could, and locked the rear wheel up at 35-40. I couldn't avoid him, and we smacked. Luckily, I was able to bounce off him (I'm still not sure how I stayed up!). I mean, this guy wasn't even in my class, so you are NEVER safe. Run the lowest class you can, (without being an obvious sandbagger) and if it's too easy, move up! Builds confidence for that race you do really well!


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Geeze. Mike and Freestyle.... you guy's are softballing each other....

Mike, when we race our first enduro race this fall.....I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!! (If that isn't a guarantee that I'm not going to finish the race, I don't know what is :-))


Just for that, I am going to roost the living crap out of that KTM 400 you just bought. You gonna be real depressed after spending all that $$$ and you still can't catch me.

Make sure you do a post on the KTM side to figure out if the bike you are buying is one of the ones that has an overheating issues.

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There is an enduro in Mass on the 16th of september. Right now, Thats my plan. I will let you know how it goes.

mike, your plenty fast, but i think the "A" riders will leave you behind. The best "B" riders will catch up fast. if you want to avoid the carnage, ride in the open class. all ages and bikes plus the open class usually starts near the front.

btw, nick, hows your ankle?

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