new wr426

i have just purchased myself a wr 426

i am a new member to these forum and just wondered what are the easiest must usefull mods i can do to my bike

and any good websites apart from this one that i can visit

also anyone living in kent who rides the north downs i would love to here from as all my friends are gay and dont own a thumper

An englishman huh. Well welcome to the forum. is a site geared toward the YZ/WR 250F's, but 99.9% of everything on that site applies to the 426 as well. I own an 02 426.

Cheers Buddy :cry:

yz time it.. :cry: you will never look back..

You will probably have to go through all the mods to find out what has or hasnt already been done.


You will find tons of good info on how to take care of your new ride. :cry:

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