Front sporcket info!!!! 15 tooth?

I was wondering if anyone has tried putting on a 15 tooth front sprocket on their 400-426. I have not tried it but it looks like it will be close. Any help would be great. thanks, Dan

Yep it'll fit no problem.... I had one on my 426 and 450. You'll gain some on top and lose a bit on bottom.. I keep one in my tool box :cry:

Wow!!!! That was fast. Will I have to remove the chain gaurd or anything?Thanks for the help, Dan

:cry: 15 T fits No problem at all.used extensivley for Super Moto use..also....a 16T will fit.... but an O ring chain will just to say shave the cases... I ran it for a bit but then took it off as 5th was an overdrive ! :cry:

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