Anyone Have Rg3 Triple Clamps?

If you havent seen these triple clamps, OMG take a look at these. Let the picture cycle through.

Does anyone own these?

Do they really help w/ arm pump?

Does the rubber wear down/crack?

$500 for the upper and lower is pricey but DAAAMMMMMNNNNNN!

I hear that those clamps greatly improve the turning ability of the YZ 450, although you sacrifice stability for some major headshake if you run a lot of wide open trails due to the 25mm offset, great for mx though. :cry:

I have the RG3 top and bottom - for me they are great - rubber does not wear out - it is on my 03 - vibration is a lot less - jump landings are absorbed better - considered the best on the market. I agree. :cry:

i have just the upper on mine and i dont think i'll ever ride another bike without them.

I have the top only on my bike with the Fasstco Flexx bars and what a difference it made for over shooting jumps, braking bumps, whoops, and singles. There is no other clamp and bar setup that I would put on this bike. If you want to see the clamps and bars, I have some pictures up on the Garage area of the forum.

I have the top clamps only with Renthal Double Wall Bars, it's a great setup for me because the vibrations tend to make my hands numb without it.

I'm afraid I have to disagree. I have them and didn't notice much difference. I don't know if I'm just not as sensitive as the other guys or what, but they didn't do much for me. I hestitate to suggest it since I might get flamed, but it is hard to spend big $$ on something and then admit it didn't do much. They are gorgeous and never bend (like the single-mount clamps on my 2002 CR did on even the softest tip-overs). But they don't reduce arm pump. Your money is MUCH better spent on suspension (Enzo!) in general and subtanks in particular. Subtanks make a substantial difference. Not to brag, just to let you know where I'm coming from - race the 40+ Pro class in motocross and go fairly fast. I am an expert in arm pump having suffered it for years. I slam the bumps, jumps, and whatever gets in the way. The RG3s are a fine piece of engineering and look really good on my bike. They just don't make a signficant performance difference.

hey I have some on back order but I rode a guys bike that had them on it and loved them. I'm getting the anodized blue. by the way where are you located in colorado ?

I'm in Castle Rock and typically ride Watkins, Lakewood, Berthoud. Sometimes Erie. How about you? Send a PM and maybe we can ride sometime.

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