Pics of Broken Kick Axle Shaft WR 450




Here are the pics of the broken kick axle shaft...hope they work this time!



99 KX 500 03 WR 450 78 YZ 400 72 TM 400

Wow, :cry: that sucks. Hope you get 'er fixed up soon. :cry:

This is a bit off the thread's topic, but it was not worth starting a new thread -- the pics made me want to ask.

Question: Is this hole above the kickstand on a 05_WR450 normal; or did something fall/break off (click the URL below to see pic)?



Normal, my '04 is the same.

How did this happen?

Just in normal abuse. No really it kicked back Friday night, which it had never done before and this may have weakend the shaft. Sunday riding we stopped and when i try-ed to refired it crapped out. Maybe a stronger shaft should be in order for these bikes. Some say kicker is for emergency, some say they never unfold the kicker. I have new pieces coming and trying for spares.

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