White Bros. E series pro meg shorty

Just ordered this pipe today! Anyone run one? How do you like it? Comments please? What did everyone pay for theirs? I paid 240 for the pipe and adapter kit. I am really hoping for some more snap. Many of my friends ride CR and KX 500's and I am trying to keep up!

i put promeg on my bike a couple months ago.it made huge difference.you wont be disappointed.

Right on! I am looking forward to it. How do you have your jetting set up for it?

i ride different area from sea level to 6500ft so im constantly rejetting my bike for riding conditions.my jetting for average summer day below 1000ft is 180 main,48pilot,needle 3rd from top.i run bike with carbon fiber promeg[shorty]with 8 disc,tapered header,yz timed,airbox lid removed and two additional 1 in. air vents

I have a shorty, but its to loud for my neiborhood, anybody want to buy it? I'm running a e-series, with the quiet core, its not bad, but not as MUCH POWER. Oh well, have to make some sacrifices

How much louder is it with the pipe? MY stock WR pipe is pretty loud as it is. I have heard a few other pipes with the WB pipe and it did not seem that bad, but I don't know if they were running the pro meg shorty either. I really don't care about the neighbors don't like it! I don't ride it in the "hood" really anyway.


It is loud!! But on the bike you seem to just run away from all that noise~

Crazyadam,have you run the e-series without the quiet core?I was wondering how much of a difference it made in sound level and power.

with wb e series pipes sound varies with how many discs you run.the more disc the louder the bike.

Freestyle111,I am aware of how the E-Series disc system works.What I want to know is how does the quiet core affect the sound level and power delivery assuming the same # of discs are used.

I should have been a little clearer....sorry.

my 2000 has a fmf power core, 7 or 8 discs, it has good power and sounds great, db are ok. on my old 98 (my friends) I tried the stock - minus the baffle, the e-series s-bend 7 discs w/out core, or with the quiet core and about 10-12 discs. ( the power is about the same, and it is slightly quieter. If you use the core with lots of discs (10-14 or so,) it will have as much power as about 8-9 discs, a little restriction in midrange, but it is quieter. Then I also have the pro-meg al. shorty. closed course only! It came with the (just barely) used 2000, he never used it..too loud, I put it on once. The little power increase was not enough of a trade off for the noise. I like the s- bend WB pipe as much as the FMF. i could use any of them, but it is not worth the time to switch. I just add discs to add power.. WB or FMF . I think they are the same. hope this helps a little.

does anybody use the FMF power bomb? I might try one. dent in the front of my hi flo header, oh well. time for a new one, or a new 426!!

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crazyadam i was answering gobbler's question " how much louder e series is than stock wr pipe."

Doods! My pipe is here! Ahh yes, power! hehehehe! I cant wait to bolt it on and take her for a spin! I am looking at it right now while I am at werk!

The pipe is on the bike. Went for my first test ride this morning. WOHA! What a diffrence! The mid and top is awesome! I do not think it is a whole lot louder then the stock with the baffle out either! I can't wait to ride tomorrow.

Hey Gobbler-

I bought Adam's promeg shorty. We'll have to exchange notes on disks/jetting. Should have it on in a week or so.

What setup are you running (timing, jetting, header, etc)?

Where did you feel the power increase?

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