XR650 head removal


Actually the bike is an 89 NX650, but I think the engine is almost the same. I have all of the bolts & nuts removed but I can't persuade it to budge. I tried hitting it with a dead blow hammer using both a wood block and then a plastic drift (sawed off screwdriver handle). No dice. Anyone have any tips?



Dynamite :cry::cry:

No serously,just tap around the corners with a nylon dead blow or rubber mallot, If it has head studs ,spray some penatrating oil down them to soften any grunge in the holes,some times it helps to remove a couple of studs :cry:

thanks - If I can't dislodge it with the dead blow after a few more tries I may resort to the dynamite!! After 32k hot aircooled miles I guess the bond between the cyl & head must be obscenely strong.

Uh oh Gromit, we forgot the crackers!

Probably sticking on the dowel/locating pins, try to tap and use penetrating oil in that area, just be careful with the cooling fins. Your manual should show the locations. Might take a night of soaking, so have beer at hand, good luck.

Forgot to add, take a paint scraper (with a good edge), and carefully try to split the gasket around the edges you can get to without digging into the aluminum, use plenty of pen. oil at the same time. This will usually work, but you have to be very careful (probably put the beer back if it requires this). I have done this many times with success, but you need a sharp scraper and patience. That gasket has probably taken a pretty good set.

Try kicking it over w/o the compression release....

All I can figure is either you missed a bolt or you're not being agressive enough. Isnt the head gasket metal, anyway? I dont know how it could stick so bad.

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