Can I replace '91 engine with '88?

My 1991 XR600R runs but is near it's last days. I have an opportunity to purchase a good running 1988 engine. Will it fit?

It should just drop right in since the motors are the same as far as mounts are etc.. The electronics (CDI) may need to be changed out but I'm not sure.

I think the only difference is the cylinder linings.

The '88 has a Nikasil bore, but has the same dimensions as your '91. As far as I know its plug and play.

I have played with plenty of XR6's and the differences between the two models are as follows-

*88 will have a Nickelsil cylinder lining which is not borable, the 91 and later have a normal iron sleeve which can be bored.

*the 88 has magnesium engine sidecovers, which are superior to the normal alloy covers on the later 91 on models as they dissipate heat better and are slightly lighter.

*There is a different silver paint finish on the engine which might or might not worry you.

*All electrics will suffice and even have the same connectors as the later models.

So if this engine is tip top and you can get it at the right price, I'd say go for it!

I believe at some point, the eariler 80's vintage XRs had only the 4 poles on the stator for lighting, instead of the 10 found in XR's of the 90's. Also the stators of the 80's were known to eventually fizzle with age on the small wire used for the ignition wiindings resulting in a weak spark and harder starting. So it might not hurt to keep the stator as a spare (as well as the whole old motor, I guess...)

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