opening up the air box on my wr 450

Sorry if this has been asked before but i just bought a new wr450 and need help on making the thing run. The only one i am having trouble with is the air box. how do you open it up so it can breath better?

Take the seat off the two holes in the back of the air there is a insert you can take that out to make the holes larger.On the side of the air box that is coverd by a black panel remove that panel and there are some cut outs that you can remove.

ok that much i have but how do the inserts come out?

X-Acto Knife with new blade, some caution and patience, and you'll get em out easy.

ok that much i have but how do the inserts come out?

They come out from the top.I had to cut mine to get it out it is tight do not cut the middle between the holes their is a brace.

The side of the box I used a screwdriver and hammer along the cutout it is thin and will pop out just do a little at a time. :cry:

I left the lower hole out on my 450, I was worried about water.

I also opened up the throttle side number plate. Where the grab hole is I opened it up. The bike feels like it runs better accorrding to my seat of the pants dyno.

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