Stretched spokes?

I went for a ride this morning, did a little over 70 miles of singletrack. Epic wet conditions in AZ right now.

Got back to my truck and the rear wheel felt like I had a flat tire. Check it out and found that my rim was about to fall off the hub. All the spokes had enough play in them that I could move the rim back and forth a couple of inches each way without moving the bike. Freaking amazing! It looks as if all the spokes have been stretched a 1/4 inch or so. The rim is still round and the hub looks good. I had just checked and tightened all the spokes the night before.

Anybody experience this before? :cry:

Looks like I will have to lace up a new rim. Any good advice on new spokes and nipples(spoke nipples :cry: ) or lacing?

Thanks. :cry:

I had a KDX wheel laced up by the Wheel Shop downtown Phx. Did a nice job and reasonably priced. :cry:

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