What head pipe with the White Bros E2?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of getting the new White Bros E2 pipe for my WR426. I was wondering if any of you have experimented with other headpipes? Will the powerbomb header work? Any other headpipes other than stock have you tried? Would you do it again?

Thanks for your help


I have just purchased an FMF SX powerbomb for my Aussie 04 WR450. I bought it to go with my FMF Powercore IV s/a muffler, in a bid to reduce the noise a bit.

In a nutshell, I am dissapointed. The sound isn't noticeably quieter over the stock header and, to be honest, I was hoping for more bottom end.There doesn't seem to be any improvemnt there either.

I have posted elsewhere on this site, and on the Aussie "dirtbikeworld.net" site asking for help regarding if jetting changes are required, but to date haven't had any responses.

One thing I have wondered is why I don't see any of these style headers on the top rider's bikes.

I'm here in QLD i put a yz pipe on mine and diddnt notice much difference untill i re-jetted i braught the JD jetting kit and zip ty fuel screw and it has made a big difference. you might want to try raising the needle (lowering the clip) one notch. It all depends temp and atl :cry:

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