Wheel Questions What ones ?

Excel Pre-Built Wheels ?

Pro Wheel Pre-built Wheels ?

Tallon Pre-Built Wheels ?

This sounds weird but Isn't pro wheel the same as excel because there off the same product line. and I was looking at the new Motocross-Action mag and it said that talon has there own set up now. when did this happen? Need help because there is a really big price diff and what is the quality of the rims between the three ? :cry::cry:

Pro wheel is not the same as the talon or excel.

Pro wheel has a good idea on the hubs (no adapters needed), but quality is a step down from the excels.

I would see what the best deal you can get on the excel or talon units. Be sure to check whitebrothers also see about their inhouse wheel lacing setups.

Pro Wheel has good rims. They are new to hubs though. Their rims cost less and are just as strong. Just my opinion of what i would do.

pro wheel rims

talon hubs

bulldog spokes.

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