How heavy of a Flywheel?

I use my 426 primarily for trail riding. I don't have a big problem with stalling but I would like more usable power. I hear that some guys are putting a 12 or 14 oz. fly on. I don't want to lose all the hit of my power. Does anyone have experience with flywheels? I was thinking 8 or 10 oz. might be better. Looking for suggestions. Thanks

One of my best friends had a 2001 426. He had a chance to try both the 10 and 12 ounce weights from Steahley.

Fortunately, I got to ride the bike a lot since it was a spare for him.

I would recommend the 12 ounce if you are riding off-road. It worked magic on the bike making it easier to start, smoothing out the response off idle where the notorious carburetion glitch is, and made it much less likely to stall, and consequently one did not have to restart the bike as often.

You would not think the 2 ounce difference between the 10 and 12, but the 12 was magic.

If you ride at the track, I would not purchase the weight.

I see it as a case of all or nothing...the 10 oz wasn't enough off-road and it made the bike rather sluggish on the track we ride mostly (Albany Supercross).

I got a 16oz steahly......I can't tell any lost of power.....put it does putt alot better.Im no pro either,so that might be te reason for not noticing any loss

I have a 12oz on my 01 426 and it seems about right for trailriding--I don't think anything less would make that much difference and more would be overkill except for really novice riders. The only benefit the flywheel made for me was less stalling under hard braking and when hitting large obstacles like fallen trees and rock ledges with the back wheel. The weight also mellows the off idle response if you need to lug around but once you get to the midrange you are back in launch mode. Personally, for me the weight makes it a little less dangerous cracking open the throttle on a tight rock infested singletrack but if I rode open trails all day I wouldn't use it.

Top five reasons for putting a Rekluse on a 426:

1. Motocross and enduro bike for the price of one!

2. Starting off with your left hand in the air

3. Start it at the truck-shut it down for the first time when you get back to the truck.

4.All the power of a 426 on a pw 50!!

5.Listening to your riding buddies say "Anybody can do that on a cheating a** bike!!!"

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