YZ muffler on a WR...?

Anybody tried a YZ muffler on a WR (04). Think it would work? Would it be better than the stock WR can or not? :cry:

works great,

but is too loud for many ppl?


I did it, it worked well, & I like the performance of the pipe.

Lookey here...

Since that thread I've "trail tested" it a couple of times, & love it. :cry:

the YZ pipe is a very good replacement if noise or a spark arrestor is not a problem. do the math though. if you get one off e-bay for about $100 (with shipping). the PMB spark arrestor kit is about $100. the quiet insert, another thirty or fourty. pay some shipping or tax and you may have passed the price of a new FMF Q.

So is the performance the same between the Q and the YZ pipe or do you loose performance with the Q

that's a good question. i know people that put YZ cans on their WR's for stuff like hare scrambles. i only know of one person that did the pmb set up to his YZ. i think he must have left something out because it was pretty loud. he never said anything about the way the bike ran. i guess my point was that the Q is a known product. if you ride where the rangers do sound checks, it'll pass.

does anyone have the pmb set up in a YZ can on their WR? loud? quiet? faster?

I put a YZ muffler on my 03 WR with a PMB tip and it works great! The quiet tip knocks down the noise to 96db. The performance gain over the stock stainless unit is impressive! Smoother power with more and quicker top end rev. I can run 2nd gear all day in the hills, with the stock unit I was shifting often and frying my leg from its heat. So if you want more power everywhere, less weight and less heat it works. I got my unit for $50.00 and I have seen plenty of deals on PMB tips so you should be able to get pick one up cheap.

Which year YZ pipes will fit a 2005 WR? Will a 2003, 2004 YZ pipe work also?

Which would be better, stock YZ pipe or stock WR pipe uncorked or with GYTR insert and the tubes removed?

Which year YZ pipes will fit a 2005 WR? Will a 2003, 2004 YZ pipe work also?
I have a yz400 pipe on my 04 wr450.

A YZ pipe is lighter so just that alone would make it better than a stocker uncorked. The YZ pipe with a quiet end cap is better than a stocker with a GYT tip for performance at all rpms. The stainless steel can holds a lot of heat and you can feel it on your leg, my YZ pipe stays much cooler.The new 05 WR muffler is really good with a larger tip in it, if you can find one.

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