sharkfins for 05' WR450's?

Anybody want to share what they are running on their 05's?

My 03' WR250 had the Pro Moto Billet sharkfin which was a great product. Not seeing a need for change, I ordered another one for my 05' WR450. But alas, the stock rear wheel spacer that must be replaced with PMB's spacer won't fly because unlike previous years, Yamaha decided to stamp the stock spacer into the hub dust cover so the spacer can't be slid out and replaced.....crap!

So, I'm back to square one in asking you all if you know of a good sharkfin that is compatible with the 05' WR450?

Thanks in advance.


The BRP is an adequate shark fin, that's what I'm running right now. But the Scotts or ZipTy are alot stronger than the BRP one, but they're alot more moola

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