Some pics of my Acerbis tank...

Hey Dan, I went to Acebris online and they didn't even have pictures of fuel tanks on there website, very weird.

anyway, i did see some aux tanks that doubled as front number plates.

Can you give me a part number for that tank? or atleast the dealer you got it from.



Acerbis 3.3 Blue #0007457.040

Acerbis 3.3 Natural #0007457.120 (my tank)

Here's a link to the tank:

I bought mine from Simi Valley Cycles (805)522-3434 Ask for Dave Flemming (he's a buddy of mine) he'll help you out..


Dan, thanks for the's off to the parts store :cry:

thanks again :cry: :cry:

I just recieved my Acrebis tank and its just like you mentioned Dan, The craftsmanship is better than the Clarke tank which I allready put on my bike.

I got the Acrebis tank because I wanted the extra .5 gal more than my Clarke 2.8 offers. I will put it on this weekend or the beginning of next week. i will keep you posted with the outcome.

Thanks again


I just put one on also. Great product and it fit the bike just fine. I did have to bend out the bottom part of the right side Unabiker radiator brace a little (a couple of whacks with a ball peen hammer). Other than that, easy install. I also used heavier duty fuel line and a brass T-fitting instead of the plastic Y-fitting as recommended by Indy.

Do any of you who installed this tank have any feedback after riding with it...??? I think you've exhausted most of my concerns with the exception of the hot gas... will reflective heat tape suffice there... I really don't want to be melting the tank and burning up my brand new WR.. :)


Not to worry Acerbis tank has been on my bike for a year now without any heat issues or fit issues and lots of miles and abuse. :)

Indy --- Thanks for the reassurance... Any idea whether or not the Works Connection Radiator Braces will work with this tank..??? They state "Fits stock tank only"... but........

I haven't opened them... maybe I can return in exchange for some frame guards and purchase the Unabiker Radiator Guards/Supports.


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