Buy older xr600?

I'm deciding whether to buy a 91 xr600r with some nice upgrades(susp, wheels, seat, exh). It's smoking pretty good, but running. He says "$1500, but I'm very negotiable"(I'd offer 1K). I'm a newbie to these bikes. What do you think about price and condition? New top end and a light bore maybe? Any words of caution?

Wow $1500 for a '91 is little too much. I'd offer him $500 for it. Theres no way its worth 1500. :cry:

Oh I didn't mention that it is street legal here in Ca. You all know the new law headaches. You still think thats way overpriced?

I have a 92 xr600 for which I was recently offered $1500 and I turned it down. In some ways I still like it better than my 650R. So it depends on the condition of the bike.

Of course if it's smoking and in need of a top end soon, you have to factor that in. But in otherwise good shape w/ street tags and some suspension goodies I say it could easily be worth $1000, especially if you can do some of the top end work. Of course get the best deal you can, you never know what you're in for when you buy an old dirt bike.

I agree with thumpasaurus. i paid 1700 for my 91 xr600r bout a year and a half ago here in so cal and am loving it. that was befor the dual sport ban so now its worth even more esp with the scotts damper(a worthy mod for socal dez after susp of course)

If you can get it for close to a 1000 you will be getting a great deal on a great bike, you'll just need the top done and after that you'll have a great bike for another 10,000 miles at least!!!

oh yeah i've had offers for over 2000 for mine and am only selling it when i get my 650r to race and a xr200 dual sported motard bike to get to work, right now the 600 is doin double duty1



brraaaAA ...You can't buy a 91 minitrail 50 for $500.00.....offer $800.00 and come up to $1,000.00....that way he will feel like he isn't getting robbed....Never know he might take the $800.00....I paid $1,200.00 for my 86 XL600R 6 months ago....Still well worth the money

I would still offer him as little as possible and work my way from there. Thats what I did when I bought my bikes.:cry: You never know how low they are willing to go.:cry:

I would offer $500-600 especially if it's smoking it could turn into a money pit.

I've got a 1994 for sale (dual sported, CA plate).

New tires, current registration.


extra desert tank

normal scratches

runs fine.

located in Sacramento.


Pm for photos



I just got a 1985 xr600r for 1200. It is street legal with $400 baja kit on it. The previous owner just rebuilt the engine and he put $300 towards a new rear suspension. He also included a 400cc engine with the deal. It is in good condition except that he painted it black so I bought new plastic from Maier. I think that $1500 for a '91 is a pretty good deal except that it is smoking. Obviously try to reduce the cost because of the smoking problem.

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