Anyone change their 05 triple clamp?

Just ordered a Scotts triple clamp to install my damper. The invoice specs a 04-05 YZ125-450 :cry: sound correct? Thanks

I just ordered a GYT-R YZ top clamp for my '05 because I want to put a YZ front number plate on for racing. It will also take a little weight off. All I have to do is find another way to mount the ignition button (any ideas out there?) I found that alot of triple clamp companies have not made a new clamp for the '05 WRs and didn't realize that the '04 clamps would not fit because the upper portion of the fork tubes are 2mm bigger on the '05.

My riding buddy just bought a top clamp for his 05 wr250 from BRP. It is a work of art. It also came mounting hardware for the wiring. It's slick!!

I also went with the BRP clamps, but I went top and bottom. They also made up a trick bracket to mount the odometer to. The one "flaw" was the misalignment of the pinch bolts with the brackets that mount to the sides of the top clamp with the pinch bolts. On my brackets I used a rat tail file and opened up the holes a bit to make up for the misalignment, but BRP may have this slight problem solved by now. Mine were the second set of clamps made so they were still workind out some bugs

Scotts took their 04 product and added a bolt on piece that accomodates the odometer. It works fine. i just put one on my bike. i would send pix but the site says "you may not post attachments" can anyone tell me how to get around that!!!!

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