2 stroke prob.?

I had bought some silkolene injector oil while at a bike shop and am wondering if it i can mix it with my gas for premix? Or should i just stay with regular premix. I've heard you can mix it and it's fine, but want to make sure. Ive invested ALOT of money into my yz250 and am not going to trash it because of the wrong oil. Just let me know what you guys think. thanks dave


What part of THUMPERtalk didnt you understand???? We dont burn oil here.

I have no idea, if it isn't for 2-smoke motorcycles I wouldn't use it. I did say you have some $$$ wrapped up in your bike, is it worth it for a few extra $$$?


you can run 30 wt. PepBoys oil if thats all you got..Some Friends and myself drove 200 miles to ride in a real cool area, (3, 4-storkes 1, 2-stroke) the dumb-ass brought his gas but forgot to premix it.. We drained enough oil out of my ford 350 DIESEL Eng. (DELO 400 40wt.) to premix his gas,, it smoked alittle! but he ran all day, Better than setting in the truck all day.. POINT..any oil will work,,BUT by the good stuff..We run MOTUL.. :cry::cry::cry:

You should only use a good two stroke oil. If you want economical, use Castrol synthetic two stroke. Do not use regular motor oil! It might get you out of the woods, but at a huge expense to the head and rings. Regular motor oil does not have the correct properties. The best oil to use for your bike, is Motul or Amsoil.

Read the bottle; lots of injector oil is also ok for premix, but read the bottle.

better safe than sorry. Sure it will run but what kind of accelerated wear etc are you risking.

Get the right oil....you will have more fun riding if you do.

Cant you bring the oil back and exchange it?

2SMOKES go somewhere else:excuseme: :cry:

2SMOKES go somewhere else:excuseme: :cry:

Give me a break.

Hey YamahaZinger...there are alot of riders here that will try and help answer your questions .....regardless of what "STUDLEY" SanPedro says.

2SMOKES go somewhere else:excuseme: :cry:

Nah, nah, na, nah, naah. NO GIRLS ALLOWED! Grow up.

It could be used but I would try to take it back and get some good 2 stroke oil. If you use the oil you bought you will thinking about it the the whole time you are riding. Like is something going to happen since I used this type of oil. You will not have much fun cause you will be worried about it. Thats what I would be thinking about.LOL Do not use regular engine oil cause that can really mess up your top end.


What part of THUMPERtalk didnt you understand???? We dont burn oil here.

Most of us don't. However, some people ride crf250's.

Most of us don't. However, some people ride crf250's.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

LOL... anyway, also most of us have ridden 2-strokes in the past before good 4-strokes were available to the masses (or still have family on 2-strokes) and there's certainly nothing wrong with asking for 2-stroke advice on occasion. :cry:

Hey i was just tryin to be funny , sometimes it dosnt come off that way , sorry. :cry:

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