2005 YZ450 and a 275lb rider (SPRING HELP)

I need to get a few opinions on what springs to go with....

I just picked up a yz450 and need to stiffen it up a bit more than the factory setup..

what company to use for springs? Any opinins welcomed!!



I weigh 280, and I got my suspension done by MXTECH. They did a verry good job, they had all the springs. I would check them:thumbsup:

Can you elaborate?

what did you have done, what kind of $$?

Shock Spring:

Type of Riding: Motocross

Rider Weight: 275 lbs.

Recommended Spring Rate: 5.92 kg/mm

Stock Shock Spring Rate (measured): 5.3 kg/mm(stock)

Fork Springs:

Type of Riding: Motocross

Rider Weight: 275 lbs.

Recommended Spring Rate: 0.505 kg/mm(use closest available)

Stock Fork Spring Rate (measured): .460 kg/mm(stock)

i'd go .52 front-6.2 rear they are available from rick at too tech racing.:cry:

I've got a 6.4 that you can have for $50 delivered, It'l work!:cry:

how much difference is there in a 5.8 6.0 and a 6.2 spring rate..?

My weight falls between a 5.8 and a 6.0 with no gear on..which way should I go?

Hey Tim,

Satch has the right Idea...the race tech website will allow you to input your riding style and weight(w/o gear) and give you their recommended specs. Once you have the correct spring rates, you can then play with Fluid viscosity, fluid height, and clicker settings, and Race Sag... The info that Satch provided is avail at:


Fork Springs:


Shock Spring:


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