2000 WR 400 starting routine

Anyone got a brief summary on starting the 400 ???


Pull out the choke knob, slowly push down on the kickstart lever until compression makes it difficult, pull in the decomp lever and continue down about another 2 inches on the kick start lever and let the decomp lever back out. Then let the kick lever return all the way to the top to get ready for a full kick. If it's fairly cold, and I see you're from the rock so if your bike's outside it will be cold, you may need to turn the idle knob in a full turn and give 2 or 3 twists of the throttle so the accelerator pump shoots in some extra fuel. The most important thing is not to touch the throttle grip while you are trying to start. I grab hold of the crossbar. Give a full solid kick. If the bike doesn't fire set back up to TDC again with the decomp lever and kick again. In the cold, mine usually won't fire on the first kick but will fire on teh 2nd kick. If it's really cold the bike may only run for a few seconds and if you touch the throttle it'll probably stall. If it does quit after running for a few seconds, restart from the beginning with the throttle squirts and gradually the engine will run a bit longer and build up enough heat to keep running.

Thanks Frosbite !!!

I have an 04 WR 450 F, but picked up a sweet 400 for a winter price & am gona shine it up for sale this spring. The 400 seems more MX oriented than my 450.

I like it !!! Feels more nimble. I rode it last fall & was really impressed.

Thanks again.

I'll be starting it in a warm garage. It runs & looks brand new, but the starting; like any thumper requires some technique....i just like to fire her up on a few kicks rather than 10-15 :cry:

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