Anyone use a Performance WR Muffler Insert?

I'm not sure what year model you have, but notice that its not available for the 05_WR.

I've been waiting on a ProMotoBillet insert ( recommended on ); yet to ship for the 05_WR.

Meanwhile, I've removed the restrictive (black) insert from the stock exhaust; makes a big difference in performance when done with the other "free mods" shown on

Initially, I removed the entire silencer, but the bike sounded horrible -- thus, I removed the insert from the silencer (as shown on thumperfaq); now it sounds much better, quieter and I did not notice any performance loss.

Still; for $39 -- I'll try the promotobillet insert when it ships.


I run this baffle. It is much better than stock and comparable to the ProMotoBillet one. I got much better results (without jetting change) using this GYTR baffle. It is a cheap fix to a loud problem


I've heard that the stock exhaust is good when uncorked (rather than FMF / WB replacement - true or not???), and came across this insert which claims to provide a substantial power increase.... any thoughts guys? :cry:
I use the GYTR baffle for a wr426, and I feeel it made a big power increase. I was actually looking for LESS power, but had to replace the stock unit (broke and lost). Good bang-for-the-buck, IMHO. K

GYTR insert here as well. Cheap, quiet, powerful.

Quiet Products insert is better.....better flow, same loudness.

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