Opinion wanted

:cry: change the plastic. white would probably look good.

Why is your tire rubbing your muffler.

Good job i saw that too and is the swingarm mudflap white or dusty ? The red frame has to go HONDA wannabee:busted: :cry: :cry:

I think it needs white plastic if you keep the red frame. Remember its your bike, do what makes you happy. :cry:

The red frame does stick out a bit as it sits now. I would not go as far as calling it a Honda wanna be though. Get real guys!:cry:

Ok guys, its been cleaned and preped for today's race (250c) and its a updated picture with a better view of the frame.


sorry,looks like a peice of poo poo:thumbsdn:

Did you powder coat the frame? I need to paint my frame and would like to know the best type/paint to use.

Is that a honda frame?:cry: :cry:

Since when do honda's have red frames?

Hate to say it but your bike got hit one to many times by the ugly stick. The hotest looking bike I think is the Black frame with the old school Yellow plastic. Thats what a Yamaha is suposed to look like before someone got the stupid ideah to make them BLUE??? hunh? Sorry, red and blue makes shlitt.

Ummm after looking at your picture again I just realized that you did this to a brand new 2005. :cry:

I guess, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!:cry:

the red frame does not work for me:thumbsdn:

sorry,looks like a peice of poo poo:thumbsdn:


Ok, well thanks everyone for pretty much bashing the red idea to hell lol. I went in blinded and now I dont really care for it(not because of the comments). Im going to do a black frame/white plastics combo thing with the candy red rims and powder coated black hubs. Just trying out the red frame. Thanks everyone and also, feel free to give some suggestions on new ideas. Im looking for something that will really make me stand out (NO HOT PINK :cry: ).

looks like a 1998 not a 2005!

GO RETRO!!!!!!!black frame with the old school yellow......then you would have one hot lookin bike. I ride woods so there is no need fro me to bling it up.

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