120/100 Pirelli sandcross - too big?

Is this tyre too big to go on my wr 426?

It shouldnt be...I have a Bridgestone M78 120/90 - 19 and it works great, and doesnt rub! This is by far the best tire I have ever used, but I ride 100% MX.



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

cheers motoman, mines obviously 18" wheel but that size will probably be about the same diameter as your 19. I just didn't want to fit it only to have to take it off again cos it was rubbing



Pirellis are sized a bit on the small side, a 120 Dunlop is a little bigger (sure looks like it, anyway).

Either one should have plenty of room on your bike.

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