I Am All Sparked Out!! Help Me!!!!!!

Hey guys, i really need some help. i got my son (6yrs.old) a new polaris predator 50 for xmas.(yeah i know it's got 4 wheels, but he is xtra small for his age). any way he was ridin' last weekend, went thru a large puddle, up a short hill and it stopped running. it has elec. start(wish my xr did!) 2 stroke (yuck!) with oil injecter, one brake light. here is what it WILL do-- it cranks, gets fuel,has compression,brake light works, horn works. here is what it WON'T do--no spark. zip,nada,zero. even stuck my finger in the boot just to do the final check. i am really hoping one of you can give me some leads before i go to the dealer. thanks a bunch, chris

I would say check the coil? Check all connections to the coil, especially the ground. It sounds like the regulator is OK since the lights etc are working. With a little luck, thats all it is. Good luck! P.S. you'll find the coil by following the sparkplug wire.

Bad gas filter?

EDIT, ops. no spark will not cause a bad gas filter. might just be a pinched wire?

check your kill switch or the wiring from it .

Two Smoke! I will put put my money on the fouled plug!:cry:

thanks for all the tips guys. plug was not fouled and the kill switch is working. i checked it first. definate no spark as i stuck my little finger in the plug boot an cranked it(crazy, but i had to be totally sure) no zappo. so i have to haul this thing to the dealer(still under warranty) this week, but it's about an hour and a half drive so i was really wanting to fix this myself. oh well. thanks again, later

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