wr vs yz?

My friend has a 03 wr450 and wants a yz450. Does the yz have more power and is there really any advantage to the yz? He has the yz cam so isn't it the same motor? Would the higher first gear help in the woods for a B rider? Sorry for all the questions.

no not the same motor. wr has flywheel weight, lights, battery, e-start, different exhaust and wide gears. yz is much lighter, and has close gears

What's the difference in the motors besides cams?

Motors are the same BUT the cams flywheel and tranny I THINK.

What's the difference in the motors besides cams?

cams, transmission, ignition, e-start, carb jetting, exhaust .....alot different. If your talking about the outside of the engine? :cry:

if i remember right my dealer said the WR also has a smaller intake.

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