What should I do first to my 04wr450?

I just bought a used 04wr450 today. All the guy did was take the throttle stop out. Where do I start, I want this thing to haul ass. I took out the spark arrestor, im getting a pipe soon any suggestions? (slip on for now) Can I do anything to the airbox etc...? I dont think he ever adjusted the valvles seeing as he was a new rider. He never reset his odo it has 730 miles on it and it turns out he only had one service to change oil and remove throttle stop at about 150 miles. Hopefully its ok, it starts right up feels like it needs a spark plug and a valve adj. though.

Thanks for any help...


Change the oil right away!!! That is a little longer than most people recommend but I'm sure it's fine. The valves should still be in spec. I checked mine after the first 600 miles and they were right on :cry:. I would suggest leaving the spark arrestor in and just pulling the baffle if noise is not a concern. Do a search for the free mods, easy to do. The throttle stop is the most noticable.

first do all the free mods. the best thing i did was a yz pipe and the JD jetting kit:thumbsup:

is that the oil which goes into the frame on the wr426

if so what oil is best

also where is the gearbox filler and sump plug on my bike

new to the 426 and thumpers for that matter:excuseme:

1- oil, filter {426 SS one), check valves!!!!!!!re grease stering head and linkage bearings!!!!! even if it takes all day, it wil be faster and cheaper then replacing them. and yes this does really need to be done. it was almost too late for mine.

2- bars, riseres, bark busters.

3- rad guards.

4- bash plate.

5- front tire.

6-front wheel bearings {sealed}.

7- JD jet kit, cut out ovel holes in RH side of airbox, "fee mods" {for us bikes}.

8- reroute valve cover breather up and back. into one of the ovel holes

9- REPLCE start and kill buttons {sock ones SUCK}. i used a DRZ start buttlon, and the horn on the LH SW as my kill.

the above are the things you basicly have to do.

from there the sky is the limet.

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