just a little info

may be I just dident look hard enouf but is there a list of all the free mods for a 05 wr 450 and sume not so free ones:confused: because this thing is a dog dead stock:thumbsdn: I need to due sume thing befor I ride it

Somewhere on this webpage is the "Thumperfaq's" that list everything to do. I'm sure somebody here can tell you exactly where to look. The things I did were- cut the grey wire, pull the plugs outta the air box, cut down the throttle stop, pull out the exhaust insert, and put in a bigger main and pilot jet. It'll rip after that:thumbsup: Also, remove the aluminum insert on the bottom of the card that covers the fuel mixture screw and remove/ replace with a ZipTy or white Bros mixture screw

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