Tank, seat pegs. 05 WR450

I ordered an IMS tank for my 05 WR450, they told me I need YZ side covers. However they did not know if the side covers were the same as 04. Also, I have the same dilema with pegs and a seat. the 05 seats are definately different

(I learned the hard way thru SDG seats) How about IMS pegs.

(My personall preference over Fastways) are they the same? I wish the after market companies would do a little better on parts knowledge. this gets a little old.




I just read page 17 on the posts. I answered my own question on shrouds. I would still like to know if anyone is making a taller seat for the 05's and if the pegs are the same

I bought the IMS Propegs for my '05 and they fit fine. I ordered 'em thru BRP. I'm goin' to order a 3.1 gallon IMS tank from them on Monday.:cry:

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