power pegs ???

has anyone had any experience with them?? not the australian pivot pegz,but an american version. thinkin' about trying some. they have a 30 day satisfaction guaruntee. and 140 bucks isn't that much more than fastway , IMS,etc.:cry:

Do these flex to take up some of the impact of jumping and hard hits?

Just get the IMS Pro series SS! Best pegs I have ever used.:cry: They are so sharp you could lose your nuts on them! :cry: After a year on them they still bite like crazy!:cry:

Personally I dont want my pegs to move or rotate or anyything but fold up out of the way of obstacles!:cry:


the lowboy IMS are out of stock and not available for 3-4 wks! the fastways get mixed reviews for mud performance and i live for mud so i'd rather not find out the hard way. the power pegs pivot 20 degrees in each direction and are adjustable as to how much resistance they give by the torque value on the fastener. they are different from the pivotpegz in that they don't return to center(apparantly a unappealing trait) whats to lose? i'll just send 'em back if i don't like them, but the feller that makes 'em says nobody has returned any yet.:cry:

Here's a link to the Power Pegs:


I should probably invest in a set of these because I have to have my boots resoled twice a year (I'm hard on boots.) The PivotPegs guys said their pegs would prevent premature sole wear....I just have a hard time spending $150 on pegs. :cry:

Hey Dave, why dont you try the Sidi boots with the sole replacement system. I got them and for $15.00 you can replace the sole. Bolts right in!:cry:

Or take your boots to a shoe repair dude. My local shop stocks soles for just about avery brand of boot at $8-10 bucks a pair, and the local cobbler dude gets $20 to stitch 'em on. No more break in time either!

well i ordered them today,should be here fri.... the feller says 30 day money back so what the heck!! will let you all know if they were a mistake:thumbsup:

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