Hurricane Plastics For The WR

I wanna go fer the black and yellow Hurricane Hannah look but I need ta know if the YZ kit offered fer the '05 works on the WR?:cry: Does it come with a different number plate? Is the only company offering the black/yellow plastics One Industries?

I thought ONE industries quit makin the retro yellow:excuseme:

Thanks for posting that, Indy. Saved me a bunch of typing!!!:cry: Also, see my garage for info on all the mods to my '05 WR, including the One Industries Hurricane kit which, yes, is a YZ kit technically. It comes with a yellow front number plate. You will notice mine is white. I bought that for my desert number which has a white background and I use the yellow # plate for GP's. Those numbers are black and yellow. Anyway, I digress. You have to do a little triming on the back fender to accomodate the coolant tank mount. The kit comes with yellow graphics that cover the stock YZ tank. This is the area where WR owners run into trouble. No problem for me as I have a natural color IMS desert tank on it. I will post some more pics soon. The bike now has black Excels on it and OH, MY, GAWD, does it look nice. Well, it's getting beat up no that it has a few desert races under it's belt. Well, I STILL ended up typing a bunch, didn't I?

Thanx everyone. I'd like to go with black Excels with gold hubs, but too much dinero! I saw a guy on the start line at the Desert MC National Hare and Hound with that set up and it looked mighty PURTY. I think it'd make me a heck of alot faster too:busted: Oh Yeaaaaaaaaah

Cost me $100 per rim and Paul Lipert laced um up for FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Here is their website have to order for the ZYF. They'll fit on a WR. They also go back to the early years. I just ordered replacement plastic for my '99.

Definately gives the blue bike a different look:cool:

Here is their website ..

Definately gives the blue bike a different look:cool:

That is one of the coolest web sites! Just had fun going through it all. Cool music.:cry:

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