Stock 650r Parts Plus H/d Acerbis Guards

:cry: I have some stock 2001 650 parts for sale

-stock tank minus valve great cond.

-stock front fender normal brush scrapes,it's a dirtbike!

-Acerbis brush guards Extra heavy duty, Scrapes, remember it's a dirtbike (for pro tapers)

-Stock fork springs,perfect.....

-rear caliper guard fin, top tripple clamp.

-headlight,seat cover good condition no tears.

PM me if interested.


:cry: Any takers?

i need a rear fender perfer a stock one and a right side plate if you or anyone else has one they want to get rid of - not looking for trash would like it to be in good condition :cry: just thought i would throw it out there :cry:

jeff :cry:

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