WR Enduro Modifications?

Based on my riding style, which is slow and constant. And, adding that I am a big heavy guy. And the fact that I do a mix of street (30%) and rocky trail and uphills (70%), I have been considering some changes.

I’ve done the “uncorking” mods to my 2004 WR450F, gray wire snip, high flow baffle, throttle stop mod. They are all good, and add to performance, but it seems to be in an MX way, and I am much closer to an enduro rider. I won’t undo them, but I’m considering something more.

I was thinking of something to add stability and consistency to the bike. The two modifications I was considering were a TeraFlex MT18 tire, and maybe a heavier flywheel? Any thoughts on that?

Stealhy makes a heavier flywheel for 04/05 WR450 for $150.00

link: http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/store2003/weights.php?s_make=yamaha&s_category=Flywheel+Weights

I would have one on my bike but Steahly did no make one for 03's!:cry:

The Tera-Flex 140-80-18 rear tire is very heavy and DOT rated. It adds flywheel and slows the engine reving rate down. I love this tire for loose condtions or slippery conditions. It works great on the street and will last you 1000 miles. Just adjust the pressure for your conditions! It is not a good tire in high traction conditions like prepared MX track soil. That is why I run 2 sets of wheels. You also need to change to a 13 tooth front for the taller rear tire.

Link: http://www.intercotire.com/html/body_tera-flex.htm

I also recommend the Michelin Desert (dot rated) front for you and your weight on the road. I run this tire out west! Expensive but awesome on everything!

Link: http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Product_Graphics/MIC_05_DES_FRO.JPG

Sounds like you like your bike set up like mine. Dont forget the rear shock spring or replace with Ohlins unit with a 5.9KG spring!:cry:

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