BajaDesigns DualSport Kit, Undoing it?

There has been a lot of talk about how the BajaDesigns kit isn’t the greatest, and how it does some odd things. Well, I have installed the kit, and got my street plate, I’ve done the mods, and I’m thinking of undoing them.

First, my bike has died, but I had (for some odd shipping reason) two of the regulators. One with the kit, one came when I sent the stator in for the ground float. Last weekend my bike died, it would almost idle, and just killed above an idle. I got it home (in my truck) and put in the other regulator, now it runs fine. What are the symptoms and how does a bike act when that goes out? Was this really the problem?

The biggest thing that is bugging me is the headlight wattage. But, then again, I’m not happy with the headlight at all. I’m thinking of buying a multifunction switch (kill, parking lights, low beam, high beam, turn signals) that is both AC/DC. The BajaDesigns switch is DC only, so the headlight is now on DC. So, the 65/35 bulb is now 35/35 because of the DC load. My state does not have the “headlight must stay on when bike not running” law, so I don’t need it on DC. So, any tips on changing that switch and switching back my headlight. Also, any tips on a brighter headlight for a WR (replacing the number plate/light)?

I dont understand why TT members continue to purchase from Baja Designs! :cry: I am sorry we could not have stopped your recent purchase.:cry:

It is well documented all over the TT forums ( any brand bike) that they dont understand basic electrical design and this has been going on for years! :cry:

I would dump it sell it or return it and call Dale at Trick Dual Sport and get a customized package for whatever you are looking to do. Heated grips, GPS , HID etc. Just talk to Dale! (661)-268-1094

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