Ride Report--Trailed-out 426

Ride Report--Trailed out 426 or "How I avoided trading in my bike on a CRF450x, saved $3,500 and found true happiness in the mud of Hollister."

Before; 2002 426 with 12 oz. Ty Davis flywheel weight and 51-tooth rear sprocket

Added; Rekluse clutch, 450 cam and PMB kickstand

Now that I’ve got my Rekluse all broken in and re-adjusted and I’ve spent some time on my new trail rocket, I thought I'd file a ride report. The net is that I’ve got what I was looking for—MX type performance with trail-friendly manners—and much, much more

While the 450 cam has made my bike much easier to start and the kickstand is a great convenience, the real story here is the Rekluse clutch. I bought the clutch to make my bike work better in the tight stuff—I had a real problem with killing the motor, which led to lots of bike-wrestling, kicking, sweating and bad language—and it does this marvelously. But what surprised and amazed me about the Rekluse is how it controls wheelspin in virtually all conditions, which allows me to ride faster, smoother and with far more confidence. I now don’t worry about the rear end breaking out in corners, which allows me to turn the gas on sooner, which makes me faster and smoother through the corners. Slippery hillclimbs are also far easier. There is no situation where the Rekluse doesn't work better for me (other than losing the ability to bump-start) To me it’s like having a pro rider operate your lever clutch for you.

I always loved the power of my 426, but I realize now that my respect for it (okay, fear of it) was adversely effecting my riding technique. With the Rekluse I’m on the gas a lot more, which improves the bike's attitude in virtually all situations. I’m also riding more relaxed, so I get less tired. While I would describe the riding as do as trails, I do like to ride fairly fast and I would not be happy with the power and handling of a DRZ or XR type bike, so I’m totally thrilled with my trailed-up 426!

If you’re like me and you want a bike that rips like an MXer but can handle tight stuff and offers some of the convenience and ride-ability of a trail bike, I can heartily recommend the mods I’ve done in the following order:

1. Rekluse—there’s no doubt that this has made the biggest difference

2. 450 cam—despite the fact that you’ll rarely, if ever, stall a bike with a Rekluse, it sure is nice to have it kick over so easy

3. Kickstand—it might seem silly, but it’s really great to have one. Once my son starts riding in a few months, I’ll really be glad I did this as I’ll be frequently stopping to help him out

4. Flywheel weight—this made a huge difference for me prior to installing the Rekluse, but now I think it’s a lot less necessary. My bike certainly does not feel slow revving and I'm a big fan of engine breaking on downhills, so I’m leaving it in, but if I was doing it over again, I would do the Rekluse first and then decide whether I needed a flywheel weight or not, and would likely go with a smaller one.

5. 51-tooth rear sprocket—I use first gear so rarely now, that I don’t think I would do this at all. In fact, when it’s time to change my chain and sprockets, I will likely go back to the stock 49.

One last thing. The people at Rekluse, as well as some of my TT buddies, were extremely helpful in helping me to get my clutch dialed in. They even followed up with me to ensure that all was well. A great product with great support; it’s nice to see that still happens these days.

Nice report. If you go riding with a young kid, I'd second the requirement for a kickstand. Its an absolute "must have". Got tired of finding something to lean my bike up against, or lying it on its side when helping my son out.

...now, to add those other bits to my bike :cry: .


I echo those sentiments. :cry:

I have an 03 YZ450 and an 03 CRF450, both with the Z-Start installed.

An auto clutch is the single best mod you can do to turn an MX'er into a good Southeastern woods bike (well, for "Spodes" like me anyway!). :cry:


I have the Rekluse on my yz426 as well works great, makes the bike much better for the trails. I have a Trail Tech kick stand and computer. The computer is not really neccessary but nice to have. Has the speedo and odometer plus records your max, avg speeds, riding time(reset for each ride), accumulated time and a clock. Easy to install.

PMB stuff is great!

I just picked up my '02 426 about a month ago - it was completely stock and in mint condition.

Added the PMB kickstand & spark arrestor right away, and then went on to add the Trailtech computer, frameguards, Regina Gold O-ring chain, Flatland racing radiator guards and bashplate, ...Acerbis handguards coming soon.

Out here in CA the desert offers some very technical climbs, but also a lot of flat-out wide open stuff ... I'm leaving the bike stock for now as it seems to be working great in all conditions, but it's only been a month or so ... we'll see what comes next (steering damper...?)

Sounds like a pretty trick set-up. I'll have to look into it. Nice thread.

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