Recommended tool kit?

I need to put together a comprehensive but small tool kit. Most of the riding I've started doing is quite remote and I'm starting to get a little paranoid about punctures and break downs etc. The other week my chain stapped, luckily I was about 1 1/2 miles from home so I pushed it back (man I was %&%£$&), almost up hill all the way.....this got me thinking!

Would appreciate your ideas for the kit needed!


8mm 10mm and 12mm spanners and T-handles (get a whole set of t-handles from and a good set of spanners, 'draper expert', 'halfords professional' or better). Adjustable spanners are the enemy of bikes. Soldering iron and multimeter if you think you know what you are doing on the electrics. Proper sockets for the wheels (22mm and 27mm unless i am mistaken). Bike stand. Get a set of decent vernier calipers and learn how to use them. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Don't buy any tools made in China.

Actually, I think he is looking for a trail kit. All you really need on the trail is enough to get you back to camp. If you carry spare tubes, you will want to carry all tools necessary to replace them. The wheels can be removed with a 12" adjustable wrench, 10mm, 12mm. At least on a Yamaha. Then you will need a set of tire irons also. I carry 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 12"adj wrench, 10" tire irons, 6mm, 8mm, sockets and a metric allen wrench set for making jetting changes if required. Also phillips and straight slot screw drivers. Some electrical tape and safety wire with safety wire pliers. These will usually get you back to camp in most any situation. Hope this helps.


Go to the 1xinternational web page. It's Johnny Campbells page and he sells some cool stuff. Also pack zip ties in a variety of sizes. Buy the really big ones and they can be used to hold your tire on the rim if it goes flat.

It's also good to take a spare chain link and a clutch lever.

In addition to the stuff already mentioned, I also carry a couple of chain links, a master link, and a chain breaker (and wrenches to turn it).

A 6" pair of vice grips is also a good idea...can be used as a shift or brake lever in a pinch.

I also carry a couple of shop towels and a film canister of waterless hand cleaner, an altoids tin with a spare axle nut for each end, fork pinch bolts (2) , 4 sprocket bolts and nuts, and assorted other nuts and bolts. It should go without saying that I carry the wrenches, hex keys, etc to turn 'em. I include a small tube of locktite, a couple of those small foil packets of 5 minute epoxe, and a small 2 part kit of aviation fuel tank sealant (polysulfide sealant, it's the best friggin adhesive you can find, just be sure to get the quick setting variety for trail use).

As my son rides a 2 smoke, he carries a 1 pint water bottle for transferring gas from dad's bike and enough 2 small bottles with enough 2 stroke oil to mix a pint of fuel.

Include a plug wrench and spare plug, and the 10MM t-handle to remove the seat/tank, and a CO2 tire inflation kit with a couple of extra cartridges.

Now, if it gets really bad, I carry a 18 foot piece of nylon flat strap (like tie downs are made of) to tow the mother home, and if it gets really, really bad, I have a Garmin Rino GPS (with a 2 way radio built in) and a cell phone (Hope for coverage!).

I also carry a pretty comprehensive first aid kit, including stuff to splint fractures and clean and suture really big cuts.

It all fits nicely into the backpack section of a camel back. Probably overkill, but I've been stranded without each and every one of these things at least once, that's how they make it into the pack!


WOW!!! I am known to be the prepared one in our group of about 15 guys, and I think that is more than I carry in my truck! Although, I too have been in situations where all of that would have been useful.


Check out this site They carry a comprehensive tool kit designed for adventure riding that includes tire tools, co2 inflation, t handle set, etc :cry:

I don't go anywhere without some JB Weld. What a lifesaver it has been many times.

picture tells 1000 words. here is 2.



I try to keep enough $$$ in my pack to buy my way out of trouble (or to pay for food & drinks if we stop somewhere).

Think more than tools! It's been noted above, but I'll emphasize it with a quick story.

Picture dad, gramps and the two girls heading out for a "quick run" Friday evening before the real riding Saturday & Sunday (weekend club ride). You know...everyone is settled into camp but itchen for a quick ride before dinner. Bikes were all fueled (or so I thought), so away we go. A few wrong turn and three hours later, I realize it's raining, it's geting dark, tanks are getting low! (kids never do what you tell them), and the worst; I realize the diabetic daughter didn't bring any food in case her blood suger runs low!!!!:cry:

Never let em see you sweat! kids can smell fear a mile away.

The moral of the story, no matter what you pack for the bike, if the good Lord wants you to have break down, for whatever reason, you're gonna have one!

From then on I pack the GPS, cell phone, good knife, the usual tool kit, matches, food, and a tow rope. And most of all; remember, that when it comes to the kids. They expect YOU to get them out of the pickle! Never let em see you sweat, it'll just make bad matters worse!

IMO the Motion Pro multi purpose kit is a great get tools that can be used to remove 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14 mm bolts; #2, #3 phillips head screws, small and medium straight slot screws; 5mm and 6mm hex head bolts.

All this for 37 bucks and something that fits in the palm of your hand.

Here is a link to Rocky Mountains site where you can buy one.

I use a Moose tail bag, and a Moose tool wrap and inside, I have some wire ties, spark plug socket, spoke wrench, a screwdriver flip type, 1/4 drive ratchet, 2 4" entensions, a 8, 10 and 12 mm socket, allen ket set (hex) some open end wrenches, ie 8X10, 12X14 and a 17X19, a Moose axle wrench which has the correct axle sizes for both axles. I have a pair of those do all pliers, 2 spare plugs, clutch lever, 10 amp fuses and a roll of black tape. I dont carry anything for flats. I use the Bridgestone Ultra Duty and they are so thick, I'm sure I can ride out on them, even flat! If I need other items, I will usually put them in my hydration pack as needed that day. I have an addition Motio Pro kit, but havent used it. I may put that in my KLR650 tool kit. I will add items as I deem necessary. You usually figure this stuff out each time you have trouble and something is missing. :cry:

Well boyz, I guess this list could be non exhaustive, but you have all given me some pretty good ideas of what I need. It's great to have so many riders ideas, that's what I like about this site!

All I need now is a 150 litre burgen to put it all in or maybe even a trailer for the bike:eek:

Many thnax for all your input. X:thumbsup:

You may consider this T-Handle 8mm/10mm/12mm wrench from Flatland Racing. I bought one recently and you can fit it into a camelbak or tool kit easily. It is well built, made with craftmans sockets which can not be removed from the handle. It cost $21.95. :):):p


Here's my list...I don't carry all of it all the time. Depending on the ride that day, some things go, others get left behind...But I ALWAYS bring the Baby-Wipes :) ...SC

3/8” T-Handle w/ Sockets

-Metric Sockets: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm

-Hex Head: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Removable Head Ratcheting Screwdriver

-#1,#2,#3, #4 Slotted & Phillips bits

Small Round Jaw Vise Grips

Small Wire Cutters/Strippers

Small Needle Nose Pliers

Small Slip-Joint Pliers

Box End Metric Wrenches

-8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm

Folding Metric Multi-Hex Key Tool

Spark Plug Tool w/ 2 Plugs

1 Dozen 8” Zip Ties

1 Roll Black Tape

3/8” Ratchet w/ 6” Extension

1 Tube Blue Locktite

JB Weld

Magnetic Pick Up Tool

Small Roll Tie Wire

Spare Fuse Assortment

Butt Splices

Mini Mag Light w/ Batteries

Butane Lighter

Baby-Wipes Travel Pack

Small Utility Knife w/ 2 Spare Blades

Assorted Bandaids/4X4’s/Gauze Roll

1 Roll 1” Cloth “Coaches Tape”

3 Packets Neosporin

10 Ibuprofen

6 Safety Pins

Cell Phone - Fully Charged

Small Swiss Army Knife

$20 Cash and a Visa Debit Card


I also need a set of tools for the trail, in the back of the Spring/Summer 05 Rocky Mountain MC catalog there are some tool kits by CruzTools, they offer many different kits ranging in size and cost, has anyone had any experience with these kits?

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