Why do you like your XR 250 or 400?

Why do you like your XR, over the CRF/X. Is the XR more stable....meaning, feels like it's more planted on the ground? Is it able to keep up fairly well, given a good rider? Is it less prone to requiring maintenance than the CRF/X?

I go out, kick it and ride. I change the oil check the valves once a season and enjoy it. I don't have to worry about smashing radiators, or shimming valves. My 250 may lack 6 horsepower on the X but it has almost identical torque readings. It may not have the same suspension but for trails it works fine. No e-start but it cranks over easy and reliably. Plus it has a much cheaper price tag. I would say go for the XR.

The XR is kinda like a doorknob....twist and it works every time. The CRF/X and the XR are worlds apart as they should be, the XR is an almost 10yr old design well the CRF is brand new. The XR is old school and thats not all a bad thing because it is well proven to be bulletproof, but it does have drawbacks too...weight, power, suspension are not what they are on a CRF. The XR has lower maintaince , lower purchase price, a ton of aftermarket stuff and a tractor motor. All that said, in the deep dark nasties along way from nowhere I know it feels good to have an "old" XR between my legs.


i rode my XR an entire weekend speiwing black smoke, and at one point came back and poured almost a quart into it. If that doesn't say something about durability to you, i don't know what does. Its very simple, is time proven, and is FUN to ride.

Like DirtSquirt said above, no radiator to worry about (overheating, puncture). No top end overhaul every 30 hours to worry about like on the X. You know if Honda has been building it for over 10 years with only minor changes they must be doing something right. I have had my 98 XR400 for over 2 years now and have had no engine troubles at all! Easy to work on and parts everywhere! There is no other bike I'd rather be on 20 miles from nowhere....period

:cry: XR400R

Bullet proof reliability, easy maintenance and easy bike to ride in any terrain.

I'm lazy and hate doing unecessary maintenance besides oil changes every 200 miles and valve checks once an year.

Oh I forgot, I do put gas in the tank :cry:

when yer riding in the woods/mountains/desert of bum-fook-west(east) you want the most reliable dirt-bike built. it's that simple.

My son and I did 400 miles in Baja this past weekend, both on xr400's. Never missed a beat. Sand, rock, mud, water crossing, always surefooted and predictable.

I swear by xr's. I have been riding since i was 6...started with a old trail 50....2 gears. Then got a xr80 and then up to a xr250 and currently ride a xr400. I have never ever had a problem with any of my bikes. The damn things are rock solid. I have been wanting a crf but i will never ditch my xr.

Cant go wrong with any honda 4 stroke though:applause:

I have both bikes! My xr 250 is old and beat up alittle (1987) I bought it 10yrs ago and ride it hard. In 10 yrs I've replaced everthing ONCE. 1 piston ,1 clutch,1 timing chain,etc. BEST BIKE I EVER HAD. I just bought the crf250x last fall, unbelievable. This bike is so smooth and powerful but I'm concerned about maintance. I talk to guys the race GNCC and they told me they go the whole season before changing piston but valves need adjusted more often. I'm going to ride crf hard this yr and make decision to keep it or get a newer xr. Good luck in search

I feel safe riding it down to the store(street legal) and not worrying about having to ever deal with pushing it back up! Same concept goes for riding alone on the trail. The least of my worries on my mind is my bike's durability.

Well, I decided to go with the XR400. It is brand new, pretty, smells good, and I love it. I'm getting the seat shaved a bit and the sag adjusted some to fit my short legs. It's still at the shop being serviced. I'm so stoked about it. I can't wait to get on it.

Congratulations! :cry: Welcome to the XR family! :cry:

because my xr250 is always the bike that is used to head back and get something to fix my other friend's bikes. It's always a, uhhh, hey dude can I ride you bike back to get another spark plug, or a uhhh, i cant start my bike, ride back and get more oil. :cry:

I love my XR250R because it is rock-solid stable, stone reliable, well-mannered, and has all the tractable power I need. It is a classic; the quintessential dirt bike.

Oh yeah, and it's a Honda. The "other" brands I've owned (Suzuki, Yamaha) just don't compare to Honda's attention to detail.

And it ain't a two-smoke. I've had enough of those silly things and their maintenance.

My son and I did 400 miles in Baja this past weekend, both on xr400's. Never missed a beat. Sand, rock, mud, water crossing, always surefooted and predictable.

That say's it all right there :cry::cry::cry:

MYTH BUSTED :D:cry::cry::devil::devil::D

I rode and raced XR250s for many years - my last being a '95 XR. It had white power upside down forks and an ohlins rear shock, 300cc kit and FCR keihin.

Well I can tell you why I am buying a new 2004 XR250R after not having one for the last 4 years.

1. Longer stroke motor allows one to install a 280-300 cc kit and get good torque-ey power. Anyone who installs a larger piston in the CRF250X is outa their mind - that stroke is already so dang short relative to the bore. Nuts! I want a longer stroke - I wanna feel the thump!

2. Stone cold reliable. Although the valves in the newer models are not as strong as those that were installed pre-96. Kibble-white sells valves for the XR too...

3. Short wheelbase and steering head angle make for one nice carving bike in the tight woods. I don't care who I come up against or what they are riding - as soon as it gets twisty - "bye-bye".

4. Kickstart and light weight. I don't want e-start if it adds 15 pounds plus to the bike.

With all the new CRF thingy's out there - folks think an XR is slow again. When you beat 'em on the old trail bike - put's em back in their place. It's kinda fun... :cry:

- jeff

I've gone on 1100 mile not kilometer rides here in oz. 180 miles of highway and dirt roads there, road around for four or five days then road home. The island we ride to is all sand and huge (Frazer Island do a search its a wicked place to ride). Done the trip 3 times now with a different mate each time on xr's without a problem. 2 years 18000 KM done just fuel and oil love this bike. Ill try and ad a photo. beenthere068.jpg

I can see it from my couch, and it does not give me any lip. IE: watercooled thumper maint.


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