The New Guy needs more power

Hello all, I've riden in the past and now I've got my own. I recently just bought my first dirt bike The XR650r. I've gotten suggestions here and there about getting the most preformance out of my bike. I've gone from a new muffler and then into jetting and now the last thing I want to do for a while is change my sprockets. Could someone give me there opinion on what kind of sprockets I should use on the front and the rear to get the most tourqe uot of my bike. :cry:

Do you ride woods or open desert a lot and do you need to go faster than 90 mph?

For me 14X52 works great. I ride desert and tight woods but I have no desire to do anything over 70 mph although the bike will.

Tons of torque.:cry:

You want more torque, make sure the bike is uncorked and re-jetted correctly!

You didn't mention if the bike has been completely uncorked/jetted. That's the first step and the most important one. Stock gearing will take you to 100mph in a very short length of time :cry:


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04 KX500/fmfgnarly/vforce reeds

Hey guys thanks for the quick response. I love speed and a quick take off gets the blood flowing. In the desert dunes I need some more tourqe to get up the soft steep dunes with the quickness. All of the ammentities work very good but I need just a bit more. Yes, the jetting was done buy a good mechanic thanks alot for all of the input. :cry:

XR650R nuttin but the dirt

if you really want torque put the stock pipes back on...

Yeah what Brrpr said. The stock headers and silencer with the HRC tip, and jetted rich with the airbox drilled, everything else uncorked by the book, and your bike will make huge amounts of low-end torque. This is tried and true, the stock pipes are the best out there if you want huge torque output.

Go with 13/50 for the sprockets. That's the lowest you can go with the stock chain.

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