XR 650R Cooling fans ???


I just got myself a 2001 XR 650R with 1000 km on the clock and in mint condition for a bargin price !!

This is my first water cooled thumper and by far the best one yet. Have had a play in the bush and the ride was totally awsome, wow what a machine !!

OK I do 50 / 50 Road Bush work. I have been reading the forum and I am concerned about overheating the bike in city traffic. Is there a fan or fans I can buy to install them on the radiators to pull some air through while the bike is stationary in traffic. Can any members offer any suggestions.

The bike is bog stock at this stage.

Some people might say "drive the car", but why drive when you can ride a bike !!

Previous 4 Bikes -- TT 600 -- Busa -- XR 600 -- IT 490

Many Thanks




I don't know how plugged up the bikes come in Australia, but you should still search the forums for uncorking/jetting information and see if your bike is up to those specs. You will get more power.

As far as overheating goes, if you have the bike jetted rich enough as it should be, it will never overheat, even in traffic, or in the summer. It might blow a little coolant into the reserve tank, but that's normal operating procedure in hot weather. There's no need for a fan if the bike is uncorked and jetted right.

If, however, the bike come stock with a lean 125 main jet and all plugged up with the tiny exhaust opening and restrictors in place, the bike will overheat even during normal riding, and it will not have much power either. But that's in the states, I don't know what bike is shipped to Australia though, so you should check it out.

You may also want to check into the ceramic heat tape and wrap your exhaust. If you look, both pipes come probably an inch (2.54 cm :cry: ) from the radiators. This is supposed to reduce heat on them and make the bike run cooler.

theres lots of info about fans on the Yahoo site.

you might also consider the OEM CRF250X fan if you want good quality.

cheapest was is to buy any +/- 4" automotive 12 volt fan and mount it rearside of the right radiator--there are convenient attachment points where the California smog crap goes...

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