Flywheel Weight, How Heavy Should I Go?

I love the hit of my 2000 YZ426 out of a turn in the woods but I think a flywheel would make me faster because I may have more usable power plus there will be less chance of stalling. Keep in mind that I'm very comfortable on this bike as I've been riding it for 5 years. I trail ride only and have no problem with the power it puts out. How heavy should I go to make a difference but not make the bike feel sluggish.

12oz. seems to be the most popular size. I put one on my '02 YZ426 but have only had one ride on it so far, not enuf to give a full report on it's pro's/con's.

Yamaha makes two sizes, I bought the lighter flywheel that cost 95$ for my 04 450 and it tracks better and does not stall as easy. And this way if you dont like it you still have your stock one. It still revs fast and starts easier.

I just put a 16oz......yes I said 16 0z on my 450. Its damn near a automatic now. Yes I love it!!!!It is HARD to stall it. The power is way better for woods. But It still has it! Just tamed the beast!:cry:

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