To sell, or not to sell. Advice from you!

well i personally would make it a parts bike. I'm not a big fan of KTMs but I have heard good things about them. I have always rode honda's and think they are the way to go :naughty: . either way good luck :D

Thanks for the advice... the KTM was a thought of the past. I'm now into other thoughts. :D I had just replied to this topic about the bike dying again... well... for the sake of sympathy. :naughty: Just kiddding... it was because I just thought I'd inform all.

Don't forget to buy a lotto ticket cause it's getting up there this week. I sure hope your luck is about the turn for the better sooner than later :naughty:

Like I say sometimes, Its not that I have bad luck, I just don't have a great deal of good luck...................... :naughty:

Ya know it always could be worse........... :naughty:

Depends on if you really want to wrench it.

If you'd be willing to go through option 1, then just fix it and keep it.

I picked option 2, but would certainly include full disclosure to the buyer.

A junker or fixer-upper could be just the parts bike he's looking for, or it could be a for a kid who's dad wants to give him a summer project to learn about wrenching, then he'll have his own rebuild to be proud of next season.

Iam interested in the rear fender, right and left side plates :naughty: - if your going to part it out :naughty:

I'll be waiting for the list also.

Sorry for all the bad luck, though.

Can it really be all bad luck?

okay... as things continue to change....

Check this out!!!!

After sending my post on 05-02-2005 09:13 AM... I have had even better issues come up!

My mechanic (Shawn Martis) contact Barnums (Denise) and she was very aware of me and my bike.... (for obvious reasons to some of you)... and very eager to help once we got the bike apart! "Great!" I thought...

On top of all this, the Shawn hadn't put my right rear 'passenger' peg back on, nor had given me the requested 'old' parts from my bike (even though I had seen them when the bike was half apart). (So I have a bike with one rear "Baja Designs" rear passenger peg at this time)

I had been busy with work and everything else... trying to get my bike back up to Shawn to tear it down and do more investigating (as we know think the Carillo Rod has a problem and has been the main problem possibly... looking for thousands of an inch instead of a glaring problem). Also, he was to ship me back the items like the peg and old parts prior to me getting the bike back to him (he only lives 45min from me).

During all this... his dad had problems and had to be admitted to the hospital. His dad lived in TX so he flew home. I kept in touch as best I could... and waited for him to give me hopefully good news on not only his dad... but when he's to return home. ...the proposed date he had given me to come home had passed... and by about 2 weeks. I decided to call. And call... and call... Hmmm, never did I get an answer. Nor a call back.

First thought - his dad had maybe become complicated and he was taking time away from it all.

Second thought - He didn't want to deal with me anymore (I don't blame him really... however he "guaranteed" his work).

Well... yesterday (about 5+ weeks since his supposed return home date) I went by his house, only to come to an EMPTY PLACE! HE and HIS roomate had moved out 3 days prior to me showing up. AHHHHHHH!!!!

The neighbor who happened to be out front let me know one of them moved to Chicago... and one to NY or something. He's hard of hearing, so I'm not sure he has his places correct... but damn, I think I just got screwed AGAIN! (Hopefully I'm jumping the gun a bit and everything with Shawn is okay... with his dad and all. But without a return call in weeks... I'm not holding my breath. Shawn seemed like such a 'cool' guy and so willing to help, as well as very knowledgeable)

... now, I'll need to take my bike up to Barnum's... and do what I should have done day one. This is one of those NIGHTMARE things... And I STILL don't have a working bike. I'm so flustered by it all....


(oh... and no list. I can't afford at the moment to buy a new bike. It's the last on the priority list)

That sux Johnny J, I am sorry to hear of all the troubles....if I was you I probably would have just bought something else a long time ago...and you could get good money in parts, hell if you want to sell the bike let me know, I could use spares and extras!!

...ahh I know... I've been kicking myself for not buying something since. However... it's all hindsight ya know. You think, "Ahh, cool... this is it... it's fixed now!"... and then, let down.

I just want my bike running, and now it'll be hard to 'trust' it. Kind of like a cheating woman. Once a cheater, always a cheater! :)

...ahh I know... I've been kicking myself for not buying something since. However... it's all hindsight ya know. You think, "Ahh, cool... this is it... it's fixed now!"... and then, let down.

I just want my bike running, and now it'll be hard to 'trust' it. Kind of like a cheating woman. Once a cheater, always a cheater! :)

Hey Johnny, this sounds more like nightmare than a real world deal. Sorry for your mess.

I've been there, done that in similar ways where you sunk so much money into stuff that you don't want to part from it anymore because you never get the money back and you feel like trashing or giving it up is even worse.

I would have voted sell it as it is but you are far beyond that point to do it!! I can completely understand the way you did it...

Hope everything works out for you :)

Looks like the pole is leaning to you selling us your bike for cheap! I guess everyone want's your parts :):)

Looks like the pole is leaning to you selling us your bike for cheap! I guess everyone want's your parts :D:D

:D ... you know every time I reach for the phone to call RB or Denise... I hesitate! Why??? hmmm... just a heartfelt reaction I guess.

It's almost easier to sell, then to choke down a call. just kidding! I actually need to call Denise and work out getting my bike to them. She had talked to Shawn and made arrangements to get the rod to them for inspection... however, my mech. Shawn is confirmed a TX resident!! (all as of a couple hours ago)!!!

Now it's my duty to see if they'll take my bike in... not just as parts. It's a long haul for me... not a pretty thing to think about. More $$ on gas... parts... time.... :) This is driving me nuts.

I know you've followed this since day one...

I'm sure you and many others are just rolling over about it! :D

(I kinda am in a sick way). :D


.... Hope everything works out for you :)

Thanks man... me too! Me too!!



Denise... see ya on Monday!! :)


Good news....

Bike is on it's way (torn down)...

I'm happy to say it's with the "Pros" now. :applause:

...I'll hopefully be on it, with the motor running... by sometime in August!


Glad to hear the good news..... :applause:

If there was a "skipping Emoticon" I'd show it now!!!! :applause:

I made the journey from San Diego to Barnums (Phelan) today and have returned with a now working bike!!!!

I arrived and talked with Rob in great detail... from bike tech to Baja1000 to the cold night. With Denise him and I going over many things past and present... I tell ya, I have a new respect for how I was takin' care of by Rob and Denise. :lol:

They both went above and beyond... and I'm over joyed that it ended with my bike in running condition. Boy does it sound good. I first listened as Rob rode off into the night... HID blazin' his way. When he came back I took it down the dusty road.... and oh man, that BRP is one fire breathin' gruntin machine.

I can't wait to work with the Barnum's pitting for Rob (and others) in the 1000. They've outdone themselves!!

Now I can :lol: without fear of anymore 160 mile tows (via a 6' strap behind another XR650) through Baja.... WOO HOOOO!


Good to hear you got your BRP back together,

I had a motor in a car when I was younger that I went down the same road with and it is very frustrating to say the lest. The harder you try the worst it works.

So I guess it's not for sale than? :applause: Good to hear. :banghead:


Hmm, now it's time to sell her with it running!!!!!!!

NO... just kidding! She's not for sale now. And yes, I'll be takin' her out this weekend for some Sunday cruisin on the local streets. Then, and soon... I'll be testin' her out on the roads/trails of Baja. I might just race'er in the Baja 500 .... :banghead: (so trusting aren't I?!?!?!).

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