To sell, or not to sell. Advice from you!

I've good news, and sad news....

My beloved (and costly) XR has been sold.

I posted it on the local CycleTrader and sold it to the second caller. Yes, I divulged all that I had, and even provided receipts and names of all the people who have had a hand in the pie. The first caller was amazed I was so honest about the motor, and how or what I went through to get it fixed. So amazed... he never called back. :bonk: .. I was :cry:

Anyway... advertised it for $4400.... and let it go for $4000.

It sure ran beatiful when I let it go... and I rode (tested) it for about 300 miles on a brand new top end and valve job. Thanks to Denise and Rob Barnum... it ran like a champ.

Now... I'm picking up the new Husky Tuesday. Woo Hoo! :applause:

:applause::bonk: Enjoy your new ride.. :cry::cry:

Sold my 650 on sat. Looking, Husky might be a good option.

The Husky is an awesome option.

Mine has been super durable--its really impressed the hell out of me-and the guys i ride with--two of whom have sold their hondas and bought the Husky 510.

While i still own a 650r--i havent ridden it in almost a year--since i bought my Husky.

Just hard to sell it--lots of memories--but like Johnnyairtime and others i guess its about time to move on.

Anyway-regarding the Husky as a choice--its a nice way to go. More power than the 525 (which is also an obviously great bike) and better handling-plus the license plate, plus better suspension/handling...and the Husky is $1500 cheaper.

PM me if ya have questions about the Husky. Its not perfect--but its close!

hmmm those husky's are good looking bikes...

I might be selling the pig soon so maybe...

oh and johnny does the guy have a cousin who might want to buy mine:D


oh and johnny does the guy have a cousin who might want to buy mine:D



The guy came from Temecula... so I'm not sure. He was a white older gentleman with his son (being about 20ish)... Cash!

You better get on the ball... I've got three friends selling streetable XRs (or just about to list them) here in Diego... it's going to ruin the worthyness of a plate on an older bike (I think). Most were getting an extra grand (best case) for the plate being there... just amazes me, now they'll get nada. Or the smart buyer won't pay for the plate much longer.

I sold when it was prime time!

you've seen my bike. you should know its not worth $hit anyways:D It been alittle beat up and raced and all, and i'll kinda be dumping it. especially as it will be beat just a little more befor its unloaded on someone....

i'm seriously thinking KTM, Husky, or yz250

probly get 2500 for my old pig.


and i wanna know how the husky is when ya get it:D


you've seen my bike. you should know its not worth $hit anyways:D .....

and i wanna know how the husky is when ya get it:D

:thumbsup: ... it's not that bad!

And the Husky is better than I expected!

Killer attention to detail and such a nicely put together bike....

However, It fell over when it was idling on my sidewalk?! :bonk: The damn kickstand idled itself towards the rear (as it vibrated) and allowed the bike to fall... seems the spring is too strong on the sidestand itself.

Otherwise... it's even got a killer computer! Does more than the laundry. :eek:

Ouch, that's a hard one. Personally, I would like to re-build it myself, but I wouldn'y pay much for a non-functioning bike. Consitering how much re-builds cost, and the fact that joe-blow cannot do everything himself.

I think I'd have the entire head re-build by a reputable shop, then sell it.

Either way, I dought you'll get anywhere near what you've put into it. That sucks.

We've got a simular issue in our family. My cousin's 96XR600 required a full rebuild, which set him back 1200 bucks. Now he's thinking of selling it, but the highest offer he's gotten is 1500. He believe's it's worth more, but it's really not from a buyer view-point.

So Johnny,

Have you read the review in this month's Dirt Bike about your Husky? They like it. Is it accurate? Not to jump on the band wagon too hard, but it looks like the perfect replacement if one decides to sell the big XR. I hope they sell enough to have some used ones out there in a few years! Can't afford a 7-8K bike right now!

Being old enough to remember when Husky's were king of the desert races I have a soft spot for them.

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