XR650R lighting troubles-please help

I bought an '01 XR650r this weekend and both the headlight and taillight are not working. I know that electricity will flow through both assemblies by using my tester on the two wires that feed the lights. This is the extent of my electrical abilities. I would really appreciate any advice.

Not to sound silly but are the bulbs burnt out? My 650's stock light burnt out quick.

No, the bulbs aren't burned out. As I said, I get continuity through both assemblies.

Check the AC regulator/wiring harness/stator connections under the seat. From the regulator (metal finned thing on the airbox) there are two double-female connectors, one green and one white w/ yellow stripe. Verify that they are both plugged into the green and white/yellow wires (all males) from the stator and stock harness. If any of these connectors are unplugged the lights won't work.

Thanks, I'll look at that, but I'm pretty sure everything is plugged in.

If you unplug the wires that come from the motor and go to the aluminum finned thingy (regulator) and use an AC voltmeter on the wires from the engine, there should be about 14 Volts AC at idle and upwards of 50 VAC when revved up. This will tell you if the stator in the motor is still generating electricity. You can touch a headlight across the leads at idle as well to load test it, but don't bring up the revs as without a regulator, the voltage will rise past what the bulb can handle and you will be buying another one...

If the regulator is a dud, then there are probably lots of spares to be had for cheap, as the popular dual sport kit from BD has you remove the stock one.

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