Anyone rebuild your starter?

My starter has been making this loud noise for a while when I hit the e-button so I removed it last night. After checking all clearances per the manual including brush sizes, commutator etc, everything appears in order. Once I removed the side case I turned it by hand and it seemed to have a good amount of resistance so I assumed it needed cleaning or the armature was bad , but after disassembling the starter everything is clean and within spec. The questions is should the starter turn easily by hand or should it feel like the armature rubbing on the magnets? BTW, all of the starter gears look good and turn easily so I don't think I have a starter gear problem. This one's really got me confused, but I hate paying shops for things I can do myself. Any feedback is much appreciated :cry:

battery not have enough juice?

Run the starter with the driven idler removed and see if the noise is coming from the motor and not the starter clutch. The motor should spin freely if you grab the gear and spin it with your hand.:cry:

Re-posting to see if anyone else has seen this or might shed some light on the problem. I'm a little stumped on this one and don't want to spend the $300.00 + on a new starter unless it's necessary. Any help, ideas are much appreciated :cry:

:cry: When you say "it makes a loud noise for a while when I hit the e-button" what do you mean. Has it been doing it for a while or does it continue after you release the button?

What I mean is I only hear the noise when I engage the starter. Also the starter can be turned by hand once I removed the ideler gear, but there is some resistance that feels like the armature assembly is rubbing on the magnets :cry: I'm assuming that even though there is very little clearance this shouldn't be happening :cry:

Reposting again in case someone has seen this before :cry:

Put your starter back in the remove the small round cover on left side case below starter.Remove the gear and check in behind the gear for cracks in the case where the ssmall axle for that gear mount.Don't forget to take the washers out with the gear taking note where they go.Now put the gear cover back on WITHOUT that gear and try your starter.If the noise has gone then try taking the left side case cover off and check that the flywheel isn't loose also that the stator isn't loose and hiting the flywheel.Also i have heard that the primary drive ? nut can come loose it's on the right side behind the clutch cover.

Hope this helps Dave

For those following this thread, I finally found the problem with my starter. It turns out all was OK. I removed the starter motor and after checking all part specs per the manual, I reassembled and turned it over by connecting the leads and grounding it to the cases while holding in my hand. The damn thing was making a lot of noise so I disassembeld again and put a small amount of grease on the shaft end that inserts into the the back side of the starter housing. Presto, the thing works as new :cry: I wanted to post the fix since I'm sure someone else will run into this at some point especiallyt if they ride a lot of mud or do a lot of stream crossings :cry:

Good to know! :cry: Thanks for posting the fix. :cry: I hate when TT members dont take the time to post the final results and let you know what happened. :cry:

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